Technologies that are now becoming obsolete

Gaming Consoles:


It seems only yesterday when we as kids used to play games on Sega and Nintendo consoles when we used to sleep at night knowing we’d spent our mornings playing video games all day long. The concept of playing games is still at large and more generations are lining up to invest in the video gaming community. As expected, new age brings advanced technology and improvements resulting in the replacement of the past. For example, Nintendo and Atari consoles which were a luxury to have for every gamer are now obsolete and replaced by PlayStation 4, Wii and other consoles.

These gaming consoles are seen to have advanced to extreme heights over the years leaving all other gaming devices completely useless. Similarly, with technology advancements, multiple devices became extinct as new and improved alternatives were made available. For example:

Fax machines:

The fax machine has been used for years where people used to transfer scanned documents from phone number to another. Writing letters, sending important documents to banks and law companies, fax machines were the only to-go option. However, the trend has changed and the use of fax machine is diminished exhaustingly as the modern technology brought new and improved methods of transmitting files, documents and more quite easily.

Surveillance DVR security systems:

The edge+Surviellance DVR was a success when launched. It was a considered a hit as it was compatible with Apple, PC and even the Android devices. A few years later, Lorex launched 4K IP that ultimately wiped out the edge+versions from existence. The latest technology brings you 8-megapixel image sensors and can record at an appealing 3840×2160 pixel resolution. Who wouldn’t want it?

Mp3 players:

The development of Mp3 players began in the 1980s and was considered a common format of music in 1991. Walkman and other portable CD players were replaced by Mp3 players due to its user-friendliness and its ability to store more songs. In addition, these players only consumed 9% of what CD files used, they became the next the more popular option. By 2000, a majority of us had Mp3 players which we brought along wherever we go. But with the introduction of smartphones, all such devices that had only a single purpose are history. Smartphones came and took away everything as it provided communicating, emailing, listening to music, watching videos, calculating numbers etc. Users now do not find any reason of investing in Mp3 players due to its inability of fulfilling other tasks. However, the security of these smartphones needs improvement and using it along with a data security software seems a reliable option. These concerns and data security issues are handled well one of the well knowns for both Desktop and mobile platforms.


Blackberry came in with a bang in 2002 and was considered the next big thing. It stayed, emerged a bit and then died. Know why? Well when the iOS and Android launched the touch feature, Blackberry didn’t as they didn’t have these functions and focused on staying true to its natural type. This theory didn’t work out for them and soon led to the demise of Blackberry’s market share.

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